Weight Management Program

Lifestyle & Weight Management Program

Weight loss is a goal that many people share, though the means of achieving this goal is different among individuals. The science of weight management is complex and continues to expand. Today we know that there are many medical conditions, food intolerances, hormone imbalances, life situations, and medications that can lead to weight gain. Whether it is 10 pounds or more, achieving a healthier weight can help prevent or treat many of the most common chronic diseases as well as improve one’s quality of life.

At Elevation Health, PC, many facets of a successful weight loss program are accessible under one roof in a relaxed and comfortable setting. The process starts with a complete and detailed history and exam with Heather Peters, our Family Nurse Practitioner and Maggi Birdsell, our Registered Dietitian; after which a program is formulated specifically to one’s medical issues and personal preferences. Among the benefits of choosing Elevation Health is that we offer access to a team of specialists including a nutritionist, health coach, personal trainer for fitness assessment, and exercise classes amenable to a range of physical ability.

Heather and Maggi with vegetables

Studies show that regular contact with a provider is an integral part of most successful weight loss programs, and being part of a group, whether it is a fitness, nutrition or wellness class, can bring positive energy and provide support.

What happens first? INITIAL MEDICAL INTAKE CONSULT (90 min)

During your initial appointment, we will address weight, lifestyle, environment, labs and family history. You will learn how to read food labels, avoid sugar and create the perfect grocery shopping list. This is a long-term investment with lasting effects, and our goal is to institute real change improving quality of life, and providing the skills and tools you need to get you there.

  • Monthly Check-ins with Heather Peters, FNP-BC or Maggi Birdsell, RDN, CDE.
  • Monthly meal plans included. They are tailored to your needs by our Dietitian, which include recipes and grocery shopping lists.
  • Personalized grocery shopping education with our Dietitian included.
  • Annual basic labs (CMP, CBC, Lipids, Vitamin D, thyroid panel).
  • Included Inbody, body composition analysis, for tracking changes beyond the scale.
  • Free interpretation of comprehensive specialty labs (*cost of labs not included).
  • Use of our exclusive member app, Spruce Health, to conveniently contact our staff via, call, text, pictures or video.
  • Extended relaxed visits, which means more time with your provider.
  • Exclusive Elevation Health member benefits (see member benefits for details)
  • Access to Elevation Health’s lifestyle & wellness services at a discount
  • Additional labs, if necessary, at 90% off typical lab prices
  • Free registration for most educational events.

Includes the Primary Care Membership plus the Weight Management add-on!

*Required a 6 month commitment

Monthly membership cost is $150/mo, plus a one time $150 enrollment fee

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