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Answers to Your Most Common Questions

At our practice, you will be able to spend much more time with our team than at a traditional practice. We value patients and by spending more time with you, we can be more proactive, use less medications, and have more opportunity for incorporating lifestyle approaches first. Patients also get to talk directly to Heather or Maggi by email, text, phone, or virtually.

At any other primary care office, you are going to be paying a co-pay and then on top of that, you will have an office visit charge that usually is over $100. This does not include any additional charges for blood work or kit testing (strep, flu, urinalysis, etc.) that you might do during your visit. At our office, basic labs are included and additional labs and kit tests are offered at a 75-90% discount. There are no co-pays and we offer full transparency with all payments. Most insurance policies are high deductible plans and most patients will never reach that amount in a year so you will be paying everything out of pocket at other offices anyway. In our office, you get more time with the providers as all visits are 30 minutes to an hour instead of 5-10 minutes at other offices.

  • Offering our services with your current benefits plans provides employees quality care while saving you money. It's time to incorporate Elevation Health, PC in your medical offerings.
  • We can take care of 90% of the healthcare services you need. Take advantage of this opportunity to provide quality care for your employees, which could also help you attract and retain new employees.
  • Your employees will be delighted with our highly personalized service and unbeatable convenience. Members enjoy great access and care, and plans can lower costs while improving member health.
  • Studies show that DPC delivers 20 percent lower overall healthcare costs and increases patient satisfaction. The Qliance study from 2015 showed that the increasingly popular "direct primary care" model, with emphasis on unrestricted access to primary care, makes health care 20 percent less expensive than traditional health insurance and leaves patients feeling more satisfied with their care.
  • If you are an employer and would like more information, please click here: (link employer tab here)

Yes, we can refer to your specialists. If you have insurance and wish to use that at the specialist’s office, be mindful that you might need a prior authorization. If you are unsure about this, just contact your insurance carrier and see what is required. We will be glad to take care of things from that point.

If you are hospitalized, an admitting doctor or hospitalist will care for you during your stay in the hospital. Heather Peters, FNP will follow-up with you after discharge. We will obtain records from the hospital once you are discharged and add them to your chart.

Blood work is drawn in the office and it usually requires you to be fasting 8-12 hours. Drinking lots of water during this time is highly recommended. We use Labcorp in Burlington, NC for testing and there is a courier that comes to the office to pick up samples. The turnaround time on results is usually 24-48 hours depending on the panels being tested. Patients can bill through us (basic labs included and additional ones roughly 90% discounted) or they can file through their insurance company (if insured) but since all plans vary in what is covered and what is not, we cannot guarantee that you will not be paying out of pocket if your plan does not cover all of the tests that were ordered. You can contact your insurance company beforehand and we can let you know our total so that you can make the best decision.

If we still have room, of course! Fees will be adjusted accordingly. See our members services and pricing for more details.

Heather, with the consent of the patient, can perform manual breast exams in office as well as pap smears and bimanual exams. If a patient is not comfortable having either of those done, the patient can chose to be referred to a gynecologist. It is a service we offer to our “of age” female patients. If you chose to have here, we only ask you pay the cost of the pap (usually around $30) and that is just to have pathology read the sample. We do not bill for anything else. When we get the report back, Heather will follow-up with you to let you know what the report showed. If there are abnormal findings, we can refer out if needed.

Yes, you sure can! Anything we order including meds, labs, imaging can be applied directly to an FSA, HSA, for reimbursement with pre-tax dollars.

Also, as our patient, you will use less of your HSA because our costs are so low. Now you have more money that will stay in the HSA, FSA account for other issues you may have.

1. Time

Our mature patients often require more time for medical concerns.  Heather offers an office visit that is a minimum of 30 minutes. A
longer scheduled visit allows for better coordination of your care and addressing ALL of your issues in one visit. If there are more concerns than 30 minutes will allow, just let us know ahead of time and we can schedule up to 60 minutes with you.

2. Medication Savings

Thanks to our partners at People’s Drug and Jefferson Drug, our members will be able to have significant savings on most of their medications.  They will even help you shop the best price as it may be more beneficial for you to use traditional insurance for some meds and their pharmacies for others.

We give our patients options based on their individual needs. We give our patients choices.

3. Access

Our provider and staff are available via email, text, call, and virtually if needed. You can be seen as many times as necessary and that is included in the monthly fee.

4. Coordination of Care

If you are hospitalized, Heather ensures that upon your discharge, you are promptly seen at her office to review your discharge instructions,
review your hospitalization, record any medication changes, and facilitate specialist follow-up if necessary.

5. Personal Contact

When you call the office, you get a human on the line! If we don’t answer, we are with a patient and will get back to you shortly.

Feel free to email us at to arrange a free meet and greet to determine if we are the right medical team to meet your needs.

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